Frequently Asked Questions – Consumers

What is Minkasu?

Minkasu is a simple, secure and smart mobile payment option for you. With Minkasu, you can make a secure payment quickly and easily. You do not need to enter a username, password or lengthy credit card details – all you need is your smartphone and the Minkasu app. On your smartphone, just tap and use your fingerprint to pay. On your desktop, laptop or tablet, just click, scan and use your fingerprint to pay. Its that simple!

Is Minkasu safe?

Minkasu is not only easier, but also safer than other payment options because it uses patent pending and cutting edge verification and tokenization technology at the back-end that uniquely identifies you and your device. Additionally, it neither stores your credit card information nor shares it with merchants, so if the merchant’s data is compromised, your information is always safe.

How can I use the Minkasu app?

Take a look at a short two minute video on how Minkasu works HERE.

How can I get started with Minkasu?

You can get started with Minkasu in three steps:  
  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Set up your profile, including your addresses and payment information
  • Use your smartphone to make payments

How is Minkasu different from Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet or any other online wallet products?

Unlike online wallets, Minkasu’s patent pending technology ensures that your card information is neither stored nor shared with merchants. With Minkasu, you do not need a username and password to make a payment, yet it is more secure than any of the other online wallets. With Minkasu, just click or scan and use your fingerprint to complete a payment and the user experience is the same no matter where you pay – online, mobile, in-store at a point-of-sale (POS) or paying a paper bill at home. You can find more information on how Minkasu’s technology helps you pay faster and safer HERE.

Where can I use Minkasu?

You can see more details about the merchants that accept Minkasu HERE. Stay tuned – we are expanding rapidly!

How do I open a Minkasu account?

Minkasu does not have a lengthy account sign up process like other mobile payment options typically do. When you open the app and set up your profile, an account is created for you automatically.

How do I add or delete a credit card?

There are two ways to do this
1. In Minkasu’s mobile app, click on the top left menu and select the option to manage cards and/or payment options. This will take you to the page where you can add or delete a card easily.
2. If you want to add or edit a credit card in the midst of a checkout process, simply navigate out of all your current card options with the selector. At the end, you will be shown an option to add another credit card.

How do I edit my contact details?

In the Minkasu app, from the top left of the navigation menu, select Account and then Contact Information to edit your contact details. After you have edited the information, do not forget to Save your information.

What is a Minkasu PIN?

A Minkasu PIN is an additional security feature for your payments that we provide. It is a four digit number you create to confirm your payment through Minkasu. If you are using a phone without fingerprint capability, a PIN is mandatory to complete your payment.

How do I create a Minkasu PIN?

In the Minkasu app, from the top left of the navigation menu, select Account and you see the option to create your PIN. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to create your PIN. You will be asked to confirm your entry.

How do I change my Minkasu PIN?

In the Minkasu app, from the top left of the navigation menu, select Account and Change PIN. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to change your PIN. Tip: Create a unique PIN but easy for you to remember as we do not support re-setting the PIN.

What if I forget my Minkasu PIN?

Bummer! At this time, the only way to reset the Minkasu PIN is to delete the Minkasu app, re-install the Minkasu app and set up your profile including a new PIN.

Which cards can I use with Minkasu?

Minkasu supports all four major credit cards in the United States: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. However, some merchants in the Minkasu network may not accept some card types at their own discretion.

Can I add my international credit card?

Yes. You can add an international credit card as long as the card is issued by a US bank.

How many cards can I add to my Minkasu profile?

Unlimited! There is no limit to the number of credit cards you can add to your profile.

How many shipping addresses can I add to my Minkasu profile?

Unlimited! There is no limit to the number of shipping addresses you can add to your profile.

Can I use a PO Box or US Military APO/ FPO address on my profile?

Yes. You can add a PO Box or US Military APO/FPO address as a shipping address.  However, some merchants in the Minkasu network may not accept those addresses at their discretion. Please note that these addresses are not accepted as a valid billing address.

Can I use an international shipping address on my profile?

No. Currently, we only support US shipping addresses.

How do you confirm my address?

Can I cancel a payment I have already sent?

To cancel a payment, please contact your merchant asap and request to cancel your order with them. You should have the merchant’s contact details in the order confirmation email that they send you after you placed your order. 

What should I do if I am unable to scan my credit card?

If the app is unable to scan your credit card correctly, please type in the credit card details manually.

How do I use Minkasu on a non-finger print enabled phone?

On phones that do not support fingerprint functionality, you can complete a payment by entering your Minkasu PIN. This PIN is unique to you and your device and you can set it up as part of your profile.

How do I get a refund?

To request a refund for an order you have placed, please contact the merchant directly.You should have the merchant’s contact details in the order confirmation email that they sent you after you placed the order.

What is this authorization I see on my card for $1?

For your security and convenience, Minkasu verifies that the card and the billing address you entered are valid byauthorizing your card for an initial test charge of 1$.  This is authorization only and the card is never charged. This authorization is cancelled immediately after completing the verification process and the card is not charged for any amount. This enables us to verify your card so future transactions can happen in an uninterrupted manner.

How can I dispute an unrecognized charge on my credit card?

To dispute an unrecognized charge on your credit card, please contact your credit card provider immediately.

If my card is stolen, can it be used on Minkasu?

At Minkasu, we take several steps to identify and block stolen cards.  This includes verifying the billing address and the identity of the card holder before accepting a card and continuously monitoring for fraudulent transactions. Incase your card is stolen, please contact your credit card company immediately and block any further use. If you see unrecognized charges on your card, please initiate a dispute.

If my phone is stolen, can it be used to pay with Minkasu?

No. The Minkasu app can be used to pay only with your fingerprint or the PIN, both of which are unique to you and your device. Additionally, the app becomes inaccessible if there are multiple incorrect PIN or fingerprint attempts. Incase your phone is stolen, we recommend that you call Minkasu customer service at 408-419-9969 so we can permanently disable the Minkasu app on your phone for future payments.

Frequently Asked Questions -Merchants

What is Minkasu?

Minkasu is a simple, secure and smart mobile payment/ smartphone checkout option for your e-commerce website that can result in higher conversion, fewer drop-offs and reduced fraud and charge backs for your business. With Minkasu, your customers can make a secure payment quickly – all they need is a smartphone and the Minkasu app. To complete checkout, your customers do not need to enter a username, password or lengthy credit card information, so it is faster and easier to complete the checkout process.

What are the benefits of offering Minkasu on my website?

Your customers will love the easy and convenient checkout option that Minkasu offers. This should result in fewer abandoned carts and higher conversion for your business. Additionally, with Minkasu’s patent pending verification and tokenization technology, you can reduce card frauds and charge backs and attract more customers who will shop with confidence on your site without worrying about card thefts.

How is Minkasu different from any other online payment options?

Minkasu is a simple, secure and smart mobile payment/ smartphone checkout option for your business. Minkasu combines the security and convenience of a personal smartphone and enables your customers to easily shop, no matter what their device is – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. There is no username or password to enter like other payment options, so your customers can complete checkout faster. You could think of Minkasu as combining the security and ease of Apple Pay with the ubiquity of PayPal. It works on all platforms and devices, including where Apple Pay is not currently available – like Android smartphones, mobile websites or any desktop or laptop. By verifying and binding the customer identity to the smartphone that the customer is using, Minkasu is able to offer unprecedented security and fraud protection to both – you, the merchant and your customers.

How do I integrate Minkasu into my website?

Easy! Minkasu is readily available as an extension (or plugin) on Magento, a popular shopping cart platform. It takes only a few minutes to setup Minkasu and start accepting payments on these platforms. If you do not use Magento, Minkasu is still easy to integrate with as we offer a robust API driven service that is easy to work with. Additionally, if you have custom needs or an in-house shopping cart solution, we will also be happy to work with you on a custom integration or share our API documentation with you to empower you with the knowledge to offer Minkasu on yours or your clients’ sites. Please get in touch with us at for any information regarding Minkasu. We promise – its easy!

Is Minkasu compatible with my shopping cart?

Please check HERE to see if Minkasu is available as an extension or a plugin for your shopping cart platform. We are working on extensions for more shopping carts and platforms. Please get in touch with us at if you are using another shopping cart solution than what you see on our website and would like to offer Minkasu to your customers – we are happy to work with you to make it happen.

Is Minkasu compatible with my payments gateway?

We currently support Authorize.Net and Stripe. We are working hard to add more gateways. If you are using a gateway that you would like us to support, please write to us at

How does Minkasu verify the customer?

Minkasu verifies the customer’s identity in multiple ways with the goal of virtually eliminating card frauds for you.We conduct full address verification of the card, phone number verification of the customer’s phone,and identity verification by asking questions from his/her financial history.  

How does Minkasu reduce fraud?

We reduce fraud in two ways
1. First, we verify the customer at multiple levels without any significant friction to their experience that increases the odds of a valid transaction.
2. Second, we continuously monitor the payment history by a customer to detect suspicious activity and watch for other signals using sophisticated risk models and algorithms. We use this data to better inform future transactions. We are able to provide you with evidence of the transaction and the verification to aid your case.

What customer data is shared with the merchant?

We share the customer’s email, phone number and shipping address as and when applicable and on successful authorization of a payment.

Does Minkasu charge any fees?

No, there is no charge to use Minkasu for you.

How do I issue a refund?

Using Minkasu allows you to retain some of the processes that you are comfortable with. If you use a shopping cart solution, you can use your existing order administration panel to issue a refund like you have always done in the past. You could also use the customized interface provided by your gateway to issue a refund directly with your gateway.

What support does Minkasu provide for charge backs?

The charge back process is same as any other online card transaction and does not change for payments received through Minkasu. For a charge back, Minkasu can help you provide evidence of the transaction by providing a cryptographically signed proof of authorization generated from the customer’s device. This evidence proves that the customer paid for a legitimate order. Minkasu can provide you with further details such as the time of the transaction and customer details such as name, email, phone number and the shipping address used for the order. All this information can help bolster your case in the event of a charge back.