Minkasu = Higher Conversion + Greater Security

Get higher conversion at checkout. Free your customers from entering username, password and card details.

Enjoy greater security with patent pending technologies that employ tokenization, public key cryptography, identity verification, and biometrics.

Install quickly and easily, and start accepting payments instantly!

Get higher conversion

Studies show that 2/3rd of shopping carts are abandoned due to friction. Your customers desire a streamlined checkout experience across all channels.

Minkasu delivers seamless user experience across all channels — online, mobile web, social, messaging platforms, in-app and in-store — without usernames and passwords. Fingerprint is used to authenticate transactions.

Enjoy greater security

Minkasu is not only faster, but also offers you the highest level of security.

  • Card details are neither stored nor shared with the merchants
  • Freedom from storing card details reduces risk and increases customer confidence
  • Customers remain on your website to complete checkout which eliminates phishing
  • Fingerprint technology uniquely identifies the person making the purchase
  • ID verification based on sophisticated algorithms further reduces risk
  • Cryptographically signed digital signature for every payment should eliminate chargebacks

All of the above work in combination to offer a higher level of security to you and your customer.

Install quickly and easily

100% software solution. No changes to your existing payments infrastructure.
Offer the Minkasu “Smartphone Checkout” option to your customers today!


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